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  ■SEA-AIR TRANSPORTATION     Through its golbal network, Pegasus provides customers with quick, economic and safe door-to-door service.As the agent for many well-known shipping carriers and airlines, Pegasus is capable of fering better shipping rates, more secured spaces and quicker feedback to better sercice our customers.Our strength on services: Japanese basic ports and other locations, South East Asia and the Middle East, European and Mediterranean ports, and the United States for common and special containers, as well as one-on-one friendly personalized service.
  ■CUNSTOMS SLEARANCE     As a professional customs clearing agency, Pegasus offers customer safe, timely and accurate customs clearing services and consultancy including customs registration, processing duty and duty-free, customs clearance, sanitary inspections,phytosanitary inspections and foreign currency checking and cancellation. We also maintain sound relationships with customs, the inspection bureaus, shipping forwarders, the port authority and other relevant departments. Our experienced customs clearing staff provides customers with quick customs clearnace, foreign currency cancellation and VAT refunds, data correction,etc.,all to completely eliminate your worries.
  ■CARGO INSURANCE    As we have a great number of clients, shanghai Pegasus Logistics Co., Ltd has been selected as the general agent of many well-known cargo insurance firms including Federal Insurance Company, Royal & Sun Alliance Insurace Plc, the People's Insurance Company of China, China Pacific Insurance Co.,Ltd., Huatai Insurance Co.,Ltd, etc.ction, etc.. all to completely eliminate your worries.
  ■LOGISTICS SYSTEM     Pegasus managers its own warehouse, as well as container and bulk trucking serives. The warehouse occupies over 5.000 square meters, is installed with all the most advanced facilities, provides first calss loading services, and can accept cargo 24 hours a day.Over ten truckers are equipped with GPS and are coordinated by a dedicated team to closely track your cargo for safe and punctual loading and port entry.Pegasus also provides barge, domestic trading coastal shipping and combined transportaion. This full-range shipping capability enables Pegasus to deliver our customers smooth and one-stop-shop service.


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